Last Chance to Take Action on the Bay Area Wood Burning Regulation

Last Chance to Take Action on the Bay Area Wood Burning Regulation

This Friday, May 8th, is the final day to submit public comments on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s proposed amendments to the wood burning devices rule. The proposed amendments can be read here.

It’s important that the air district hears from people who are concerned about the hazards of wood smoke pollution—they will certainly be hearing from those who aren’t. If you haven’t already sent in your comments, we urge you to do so before the deadline.

Your comments don’t have to be complicated, and they can simply be emailed to the air district at:

In your comments, we encourage you to mention the following points:

  • You feel that wood smoke pollution is a significant issue for public health and the environment.
  • You are in favor of more stringent regulations to reduce pollution from wood burning devices.
  • You urge the air district to step up it’s enforcement of all wood smoke regulations, especially in regards to those who are burning improperly or burning on days when wood burning is prohibited.
  • You feel there needs to be additional measures to protect people from localized pollution “hotspots” on days when there is no wood burning restriction in place. Local concentrations of particle pollution can be 100 times higher for people living near wood burners than what is measured at the nearest monitoring station.
  • You believe that there should be no incentives offered to encourage people to purchase new wood-burning devices, even if they are EPA-certified.

Thanks for taking the time to stand up for healthy air and a better environment.

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