Five Reasons Not to Burn Wood Handout

Click the link below for a PDF that outlines some basic reasons why wood burning is harmful to human health and the environment. Feel free to print out at home and distribute as many copies as you wish.


A Different Kind of Secondhand Smoke

Click the link below for a PDF of an article about the health and environmental hazards of wood smoke pollution published in Marin Medicine, the quarterly magazine of the Marin Medical Society (San Francisco Bay Area).


Wood Smoke Pollution Comparison Chart

Click the link below for a PDF chart that compares the constituents of wood smoke with diesel exhaust and tobacco smoke. When put side by side, it’s obvious that wood smoke shares many of the same hazards to the public’s health as these two other complex mixtures of pollutants.


Particle Pollution Report

Click the link below for a PDF of a report on the health and environmental impacts of particle pollution from the (San Francisco) Bay Area Air Quality Management District.