Links We Like

Links We Like

We hope that the FCA website answers many of your questions about woodsmoke and burning wood in Marin. We realize you may be looking for even more (or more official) information. Check out these links we like:

The American Lung Association

The aim of the ALA is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health. In addition to lots of information about lung diseases, you can type ‘wood smoke’ into the site’s search engine for official ALA reports concerning the dangers of burning wood. The local (California) American Lung Association chapter has a website as well:

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District

The BAAQMD is committed to achieving clean air to protect the public’s health and the environment in the San Francisco Bay Area. This site has information about the laws regulating wood burning in Marin.

Yolo Clean Air:
Yolo county is about 20 miles west of Sacramento. This site is an excellent source of easy-to-understand information about wood smoke, backed up with graphics and dispersion modeling.

Burning Issues:
Google just about anything to do with wood smoke, and chances are that this site will feature in the top results. Clean Air Revival, the organization behind the website, “provides public education about the medical hazards of exposure to wood smoke and other fine particulate pollution.” This site has lots of information for anyone wanting to know anything about woodsmoke, including the economic, legal, and medical issues.

Sustainable Novato:

The mission of this Bay Area organization is to bring about a healthy and vital environment, self-reliant economy, and inclusive community for the long term.