Take Action

Actions to Take When Suffering from Wood Smoke Pollution

If you are bothered by wood smoke pollution in your neighborhood, we suggest taking the following steps:

1. Contact the polluter. Use information from this website (including the information available on the links page) to inform the polluter about the health hazards and environmental impact of wood smoke pollution. Be calm and patient, as most people are simply unaware of the dangers of wood burning and just need time to become educated.

Most people already understand the effects of exposure to second hand tobacco smoke and can come to an understanding of your situation quickly when you explain that wood smoke is even more harmful than cigarette smoke.

2. Make a complaint to the local agency responsible for enforcing air pollution violations in your area. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can file an online, confidential complaint with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

3. Sign up for the Families for Clean Air mailing list (please see the sidebar). We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest health, science, and legal information about wood smoke pollution.

4. If you reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can contact Families for Clean Air. We’ll try our best to assist you with your problem.

5. Contact your city council members, mayor, county supervisor, and state and national officials to let them know about the problems that are being caused by wood smoke pollution in your neighborhood. Contact newspapers and radio and television stations.

Have you been affected by wood smoke pollution? Please share your story with us here.